Brady – Pipe and Valve Marking

Pipe and Valve MarkingPipe and Valve Marking

Valve & pipe markers, tools and identification products let workers trace process problems and find solutions faster. Our pipe and valve marking solutions help satisfy safety and ASME (ANSI) standards and are available in a wide range of materials that meet your need for indoor, outdoor, harsh environment or light duty applications.

Arrows and Pipe Banding Tape

Arrows and Pipe Banding TapeWe offer pipe banding tape, directional flow arrow tape and arrow cards to help you create higher visibility and identify pipe content flow. These pipe marking tapes and cards are available in durable materials designed to withstand some of the harshest environments. They will also help you meet ASME (ANSI) color field size standards. Pipe banding tape is available in a range of sizes and materials designed for specific applications and a range of pipe diameters. Additionally, the directional arrow tape and cards are also available in a range of sizes so that you can properly identify content flow.

Brady SnapOn and StrapOn Pipe Markers

Brady SnapOn and StrapOn Pipe MarkersBrady SnapOn® and StrapOn Vinyl Pipe Labels can be used indoors or out. These pipe markers deliver long life performance, especially in plants with minimal heat and/or chemical exposure. The snap-on and strap-on pipe labels are ideal for use on dirty, oily, or rough surfaces, since cleaning the pipes prior to marker application is not required. May also be used for older plants or when quick installation is needed, like in new construction. Snap-on markers provide 360 visibility. Where other pipe markers can’t go, Brady Snap-On® and Strap-On Vinyl Pipe Label can, able to attach to and identify pipes in almost any condition.


High Performance Pipe Markers

High Performance Pipe MarkersHigh performance markers are available to provide pipe content identification and flow direction in the most difficult environments. They are made of extra durable, pre-coiled polyester with an over laminate designed to withstand significant exposure to sunlight, heat and chemicals. These pipe markers also resist abrasion, high humidity and outdoor weathering. Over 125 different stock legends are available and all conform to the ASME (ANSI) Standard. For pipes that have 8€ diameters or larger, we also have high performance pipe markers applied to a fiberglass plastic that are attached to the pipe with mounting clips and stainless steel strapping.

Pipe Marker Attaching DevicesPipe Marker Attaching Devices

Brady offers several quick and easy options for attaching pipe markers in your facility.

Roll Form Pipe Markers

Roll Form Pipe MarkersRoll form wrap around pipe markers cover the entire diameter of a pipe and adheres to itself for content and flow ID. They are ideal for identifying pipe content and flow without the hassle of precise measurement around the pipe’s diameter. Roll form wrap around pipe markers are made of a durable self-sticking vinyl suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and are available in 8 or 12 inch wide rolls.

Self Adhesive Pipe Markers

Self Adhesive Pipe Markers

Self-adhesive markers identify pipe content and flow direction at the point of need. These markers comply with ASME (ANSI) standards, have an industrial grade adhesive and include a peel-to-release coated paper backing. Our self-adhesive pipe markers are made of durable vinyl suitable for indoor or outdoor environments.

Specialty Pipe Markers

Specialty Pipe MarkersWe have designed specialty markers specifically designed for the following applications: Ammonia IIAR pipe marking, Ammonia IIAR component marking, medical gas pipe marking, duct markers, and semiconductor and chemical pipe markers. Our specialty pipe markers comply with the ANSI/ASME standards and meet the color, coding and size requirements for the application they are designed for.

Valve Tags

Valve TagsValve tags help relay important pipe content information, valve identification or operation information at the point of need. Some stock valve tag options, like our brass valve tags and energy source tags, are available with preset legends. All of our tags are available for customization or as blanks so you may stamp or print your own tag text or legends.