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Flex Change Letters


Flex Change™ Copy-Change Letters

  • Letters are thin (.030” thick) and very flexible.
  • Flex Change™ letters are designed for changing copy by hand where a suction cup is not needed.  You actually “bend” the letter to go into the track.

  • Sizes range from 2” to 18” and come in Block or Condensed styles.
  • Flex Change letters are sold in pre-made sets of letters, numbers and punctuation.
  • Standard colors are black letters and red numbers.  Various sizes/sets come in all red, white, and yellow.

Zip Change Letters


Zip Change Letters

Zip Change Letters come in different styles. These are made from rigid and durable molded blanks. Each Panel is molded with a smal raised edge on th eback to prevent scratching letters are moved in and out on tracks. Change Letters use highly durable UV inks , to stand up to weather elements and easy install and changing daily if needed.

Independent Lettering


Cast Metal Letters

Cast Metal Lettering are great for any location. They can really bring a logos to life, for all to see. Gemini Lettering has a life time guarantee. They are built  to be be customized. Environmentally smart, free of lead or mercury. 
  • Over Standard letter styles 
  • 60+ different finish options
  • Aluminum or bronze 

Fabricated Metal Letters

Expertly crafted fabricated metal Letters, can make a true statement. The Craftsmanship by Gemini fabricated metal solutions are made to order and handcrafted. Let us help bring your vision to light. 
  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Sizes range from 2"-120"
  • Multiple finishes and return depths
  • Unlimted design potential
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Flat Cut Metal

Flat cut metal is the must customizable metal signage option. Many different finishes, colors, and with laser cut metals they give you more options to work with. The production time is fast and can ship quickly to your location. 
  • Aluminum, brozen, brass, copper or steel
  • Signage up to 46" tall
  • Quick production time
  • Customizable fonts and logos
  • Color Matching 
  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Flat Cut Acrylic

Committed to detail flat cut acrylic and is total customizable. Gemini uses lasers to cut your design with precision and creates a sharp and nicely finished product. 
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Wide Spectrum of standard colors
  • Custom painting & hi-res printing
  • Sizes 1" to 6' tall
  • Thickness 1/8" to 1 1/2"
  • Quick production time
  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Injection Molded Plastic

Injection molded letters are etremely durable and will stand up indoor or outdoor applications. Quick production times for the 3 standard styles, can be painted any standard or customer color. 
  • Letters in-stock
  • 3 Standard Styles
  • Custom Paint Colors
  • Tough UV Stable, recyclable plastic
  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Formed Plastic

Formed plastic evolved and provides a multitude of opportunities for sign applications. These letters are made from tough, UV stable, non-petroleum, recyclable plastic. Formed letters and logos can be customized to match any letter style or logo. 
  • Low-cost, high-impact
  • Unlimited color options
  • Custom painting and style detailing
  • Quick production times
  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Laminate Letters

Laminated products come in three lines, Gemleaf, Laminate on Acrylic and Laminate on foam.  Lightweight materials with a large selection of eye catching colors and finishes. Production times are in less then 4 days to 6 days. 
  • CNC and laser-cut edges on laminated letters and logos
  • Wide array of face colors and finishes
  • Minimum height of 1"
  • Letter sizes 2"-15" and above
  • Edge Molded 
Central Supply Co. is an Distributor of Gemini. Contact Central Supply Co, for Gemini pricing and ordering.


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