CS Co. – Hazard Warning Tape

Hazard Warning TapeHazard Warning Tape

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to mark aisles and physical hazards. This highly visible, pressure-sensitive vinyl tape is self-wound with a permanent adhesive, and is protected with an abrasion resistant clear laminate that resists oil, dirt and chemicals.

Colors conform to OSHA 1910.144 for marking requirements, Please Specify:

BY – BLACK/YELLOW: Physical Hazards
BW – BLACK/WHITE: Housekeeping and Aisle Marking
RW – RED/WHITE: Fire Protection Equipment
WB – BLUE/WHITE: Defective Equipment Warning
OW – ORANGE/WHITE: Traffic and Caution Warning
GW – GREEN/WHITE: Safety and First Aid
MY – MAGENTA/YELLOW: Radiation Hazards


Cat No.Size
HT200-2″ x 18 yds.
HT202-3″ x 18 yds.
HT204-4″ x 18 yds.
HT206-2″ x 36 yds.
HT208-3″ x 36 yds.
HT210-4″ x 36 yds.


Checkerboard Pattern Tape

Cat No.Size
HT220-2″ x 18 yds.
HT222-3″ x 18 yds.
HT224-4″ x 18 yds.
HT226-2″ x 36 yds.
HT228-3″ x 36 yds.
HT230-4″ x 36 yds.